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Free online trademark identity and similarity search – TM search Georgia

The purpose of the trademark identity and similarity search is to determine whether there are previously registered trademarks or applications filed to the IP Office in the name of third parties, which later may cause refusal of your TM application at the examination stage. According to the law of Georgia, designations that are similar with or identical to the trademarks that were previously registered or applied for registration to the IP Office in respect to similar goods and/or services cannot be registered.

In order to minimize the risk of receiving refusal of the trademark registration due to identity or similarity thereof with prior registered trademarks or filed applications it is recommended to conduct TM identity or similarity search.

Our online trademark database of Georgia contains information about national registered TM and applications submitted to the IP Office. You can check the trademark for free using the trademark search tool below.

Free preliminary online trademark search is an excellent tool at the stage of trademark developing as it allows choosing the unique name for your brand which will help customers to identify your goods/services among others and it also provides opportunity to make sure that by using your trademark you will not infringe the rights of other trademark holders.

Meanwhile, it is recommended to conduct the full trademark search to determine more accurately the trademarks that may interfere with your TM registration. In the course of such verification the specialists of our company analyze both national and international trademarks and applications having effect in Georgia. After completing the trademark search the detailed report with the revealed similar and/or identical trademarks as well as recommendations as to further proceedings will be sent to you.

To order a full trademark identity and similarity search conducted by our specialists or for consultation in respect of IP matters in Georgia, please contact us in any way convenient for you.